WIP Wednesday – 22/11/2017

It’s getting so cold here! I love it! I prefer the cold than the hot summer, snuggling under blankets, cosy nights in watching films, decorations, I love it all! Hot chocolates have been a staple this week, especially whilst crafting. sbVzqHDI.jpg

I’ve been working on the C2C cushion/pillow for my step-daughters Christmas present and finished it! Didn’t take as long as I thought and the end product is really squishy and comfy! I ended up going for a felt triangle on the red to depict the YouTube button and the I didn’t think I would have enough to do the back panel entirely in the dark purple so towards the end I changed over to a sparkly purple. To attach the two sides together I single crocheted all the way around in a sparkly black yarn. If I did this again I would try sewing it together instead. I found sc to be uneven and it looked better on the front than the back. Some of that will be my technique having never done it before so maybe next time it would work out better. Either way, I LOVE how it came out and I know she will love it too! U-WivKAH.jpg

I founds some brilliant craft items in poundland. Packs of wooden Christmas shapes to decorate, decorate polystyrene snowmen, build your own 3d reindeer, all sorts!! For only £1! I grabbed a sticker activity book for baby sparkles christmas eve box and a pack of 100 felt shapes. I was even more surprised when I opened the felt shapes to find they were stickers!! Fantastic!!

I’ve been itching to make some finger-less dragon scale gloves ever since I saw my friend Silentlilac (click here to visit her twitter) make some on twitch. I’ve made MANY dragon egg dice bags using the crocodile stitch and I love it. I finally committed to using some purple variegated yarn that is 20% wool I picked up ages but haven’t used because I was worried the pattern wouldn’t do it justice. I’m so glad I did because I LOVE how they have turned out! I’m going to be so snuggly on the school run! I used this pattern by Yolanda Oliver.

They are so warm!

After seeing my gloves, Ella decided her gloves weren’t good enough because they didn’t have her thumb and fingers sticking out. I found a really cute pattern by Stitch 11 for toddler finger-less gloves (click here to go to it). I made them a little shorter than the pattern calls for but they worked up so quick and feel thick. They then also have a pattern to make paw prints to sew onto the gloves so I had to make those! (click here to see the paw print add on). She loves them!

Purple is her favourite colour so these are lilac with cream paw prints!


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