WIP Wednesday – 29/11/2017

It’s my birthday!! That’s why this is coming out the weekend instead of Wednesday….whoops! It would have been out earlier but I keep forgetting to take pictures of projects until it’s dark (it gets dark so early now!) and I take all my pictures in natural light. We are looking at some light box set ups so fingers crossed!

It’s been a week full of freezer weather, rain and hail, festivities, crafting and fun! I recently broke my huge hot chocolate mug so the kids bought me a new one that gorgeous and so big I can fit both my fists into it! My boyfriend surprised me by getting me an amazon fire stick, something I didn’t no I wanted/needed but now can’t be without. I watch a lot more Twitch, YouTube, Netflix, etc. than normal TV and it’s amazing being able to watch it all on the telly and not the tablet. It also means we can watch the shows and movies together as a family which is fantastic (especially with all the Christmas films Netflix are putting on!)

We’ve never done “elf on the shelf” but it seems to be becoming more popular in the UK and I think it would be something the kids would love. I liked the original elf but thought a crocheted one would be even cuter so that’s what I’ve been working on live over on my twitch channel.

You can’t have too much Christmas right? I’ve been wanting to crochet a stocking for years but never felt I would be able to do it, even the simple ones. I’ve never made socks so it was a big deal for me. However, streaming and blogging has helped me gain confidence and I’ve worked hard to improve my skills so this year I thought I’d try!

I wanted to start simple so after a search found this quick and easy stocking pattern by Red Heart (click here to go to it) . I found some parts of the pattern a little confusing, part such as the heel, but StitchinStacy’s Youtube (click here to go to her channel) video’s on this pattern really explained it well and I managed to do it! You can find part 1 and part 2 here!


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