WIP Wednesday -6/11/2017

As it’s getting closer to Christmas I’m getting busier and busier and having less time to get anything made. Just a couple of things this week but they were fun! Hope you all had a great week! Let me know in the comment that you’ve been up to!

Last year we got given some reindeer food but after looking it up it was so easy to make I thought we would make our own. We just used some oats and glitter. After we had finished I realised that we should have used edible glitter. Because we didn’t I’m not going to be sprinkling this outside, we will either sprinkle by the backdoor (inside the house) or I will leave in in the bag on the tray with the carrot for Rudolph.

The Elf of the Shelf has moved in and has been up to all sorts of mischief. If you want to see what the elf has been doing, make sure you follow me on Instagram. Here a few pictures of what he’s been getting up to!




He got a bullseye!


Made a “shoe shoe” train


Drawing with some toy friends

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