WIP Wednesday – 13/12/2017

Getting back into the groove this week! As you will see I have been doing less crochet this week and learning more new sewing skills. I’ve picked up a part for my machine I’ve been meaning to get for ages (the spool holder thingy was missing when my father-in-law gave me the machine) and it’s taking all my will power to stay out of Abakhan and all the lovely fabric!

A friend offered to show me some sewing machine skills. I love my machine but have never felt that confident using it and I’ve never used a pattern before. She showed me how and we made Christmas stockings. I love them so much and the little mistakes in them just make them unique and mine.

I then took this confidence home and that very evening decided to try to make my daughter an apron using a guide in a book. Last Christmas my mum got me material, sewing patterns and some books that I haven’t had the confidence to try. I used the guide, measured and using cotton, ribbon and even some bias binding I made a test run of the apron. I’m so proud, it even has pockets, and can’t wait to get some different materials to make a final one.

I also found in the same book a pattern for a smaller, mini stocking so I used baking paper to trace the pattern and created some teeny ones, using my glue gun to add ribbon and other bits.


These are going to be brilliant for candy canes or chocolate coins. I could even make 24 of them and turn them into an advent calendar!

For a while I’ve been looking for a p.e bag for my daughters kit to stay in at school. We currently use an old backpack but it’s bulky and not the best. I figured with these new sewing machine skills I’d try make my own! I don’t have much fabric so, like with the apron, I made a tester using cotton I do have. I made it smaller so my daughter could use it for other things and glued on a felt E. She loves it and it’s already full of stuff!

Elf on the shelf has been up to his tricks again! This week he tried sewing, had a party with some friends and even ended up in the fridge trying to eat some chocolate mousse!



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