WIP Wednesday – 20/12/2017

It’s nearly Christmas! This month, and to be honest this whole year, has gone so fast! It’s had it’s up and downs but I’m thankful for what I’ve experienced and learnt and I’m looking forward to what 2018 could hold! I no this post is late and that’s because I’ve been so busy with Christmas!

One of the best things I find about being able to craft is being able to think of something and then create it, right then and there. I’m very fortunate to have the supplies I do and have learnt the skills I have so I try to use them whenever I can to help anyone. Wednesday evening my daughter was playing with her dolls and said “mummy, dolly needs a quilt” so we made one! (and pillow, cushion and a bed sheet!) I love being able to make things on the fly, when she thinks of them and one of the things school commented on is how creative she is and being able to encourage and nurture it brings us both so much joy. This is what we made!

She’s been asking for a skirt and sleeping bag for our elf on the shelf for a while so I finally got around to making it.

I then ended up making another set of covers and pillows for her dolls bunk bed.


AND some covers for a doll and her dogs!

I got some knitting done. Whilst catching up on Kirstie’s homemade Christmas I finished this little ribbed scarf. It going to be for my daughters baby (she’s getting one for Christmas!)


Not the best picture but it really is soft gorgeous yarn!


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