WIP Wednesday – 03/01/2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I haven’t made any new year resolutions. I just want to work hard, be brave taking on new opportunities and not let anxiety get in my way. Easier said than done but I’m looking forward to working on it!

I got some yarn for Christmas! Gorgeous colours I already have 1000 ideas for! I also got eyes and some lovely felt!



I’ve been busy knitting! A family member mentioned they had a bag of chunky yarn they couldn’t use because they didn’t have a hook large enough. I said I’d give it a go and after finding I didn’t have a hook big enough either settled on using my 10mm knitting needles. I would have liked to have used 12mm but I was too excited to try it out! I settled on a moss stitch and I love the texture it created. It’s very snuggly and warm!

I then made another into an infinity scarf.

I picked up some yarn ages ago from B&M. Its super soft and chunky and was only £1.99 for 100g. I bought the blue to make myself a hat but couldn’t leave the burgundy, almost purple colour. After loving the moss stitch scarfs I went ahead and used this to make myself one. It’s gorgeous!


I took this image at night using my camera’s flash so it looks more purple than it is


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