A new journal

I love notebooks, diary’s, journals, all of it! I’ve had a few diary’s over the years and when I started twitch last year I started a bullet journal. I’ve really enjoyed using it however, I’ve wanted to go back to keeping a diary type journal as well so in the sales I found this gorgeous journal from Tesco, down to £3.50. It has 365 pages and each page is numbered. I like this because then I didn’t have to miss a few pages because I’d started later and if I miss a day I don’t have to skip a page. There are a few things I’m hoping to do this year that I’m excited and anxious about and I’ve been struggling with my anxiety recently so I’m hoping this will give me an outlet to write down my thoughts and feelings and hopefully help keep me on track this year!


Also means I now have a place to put Silentlilac’s beautiful sticker! It’s now inside the front cover and is perfect!


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