WIP Wednesday – 10/01/2018

Getting back into the swing of things; crafting, social media, streaming. I’ve missed it all but I needed the break and I’m glad I took it. I have a lot of plans for this year so I need all the rest I can get when I can!

Started streaming again. I use OBS which is a free streaming and recording software. Recently the programme I use to run my custom alerts, streamlabs, brought out their own OBS and I’ve been trying that out. It’s still in Beta but so far so good! I might write a full post on it for those who might be interested.


The first crafty stream of this year! We made a chunky knitted infinity scarf for my daughter. I LOVE this chunky yarn from B&M. Its so soft, comes in awesome colours and is only £1.99 for 100g!




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