WIP Wednesday – 17/01/2018

Following on from last weeks post, Boo loved her scarf and wore it proudly to school!


We were giving a set of shelves by a friend. I’ve been looking at getting some shelves for ages but never found any we liked. These ones match our table and chairs and fit perfectly. I’ve already filled them with all sorts and I’m planning on getting more little tubs to use for yarn and other things. I started making some bunting for the kids ages ago but finished one little section of it for the shelves. It’s not going to stay on them but its super cute! I used this Attic24 pattern for Granny bunting to make the triangles then slipped stitched across them all to join them together with a chain 3 between each triangle. I then went back along the white and double crocheted in each stitch. I chained at the beginning and end of the length of bunting so I could use that to tie it onto bars, shelves, etc.


Started yet another chunky knit infinity scarf using the seed/moss stitch. I am loving making these. They are so warm and snuggly and work up in no time because of the chunky yarn. This yarn was also from B&M and priced the same as the other at £1.99 for 100g and although it looks very similar the label says it is from a different brand. It is slightly less chunky than the other yarn I’ve used but it’s working up great on the 10mm needles and is just making the end scarf texture a little more loose.


Crocheting under a duvet on the soft

On stream I got back to doing what I love the most and that’s amigurumi! I found this adorable pattern by Rachael Bickmore from The Craftzilla for a Stardew Valley slime! (click here to go to the Ravelry page!) Stardew Valley is one of my all time favourite games. The pattern worked up quick and easy to follow. Next on my list, once I’ve created an army of slime’s, is a Junimo.


Here’s a little video of what my desk looks like after a crochet stream! Make sure you follow me on Twitch to watch what we get up to and for more videos and pictures follow me on Instagram!


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