WIP Wednesday – 24/01/2018

Busy week getting right into the swing of streaming again!

I finished the blue chunky scarf I started last WIP Wednesday. It was claimed immediately by my step-daughter who wore it all weekend and at one point even napped in it. Glad she loves it!


I’m not sure how much I’ve shown of this but I’ve been creating a stream mascot. Floof has been something that has become a feature on my stream. We have floof emotes, floof sound affects and now a floof mascot! So far he looks all lumpy but eventually he will have arms, eyes and will be brushed out to make him all….floofy!



On Tuesday’s stream I thought i’d make a start on Easter and make some creme egg covers. I’ve never made these before but i remember when I was younger my grandma would knit them for us. I found this super cute pattern by Erica Dietz for Craftaholics Anonymous, that makes a chick, sheep and rabbit. We made the chick on stream and I can’t wait to make the others! They are so cute!



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