WIP Wednesday – 01/02/2018

It’s been a fun filled week this week! Not only are we now in February (how did that happen??!) but my little boo turned 5!!! 5!!!! That’s gone so crazy fast. She’s gone from a teeny wiggle to a little lady who is learning to read, write and who is one the funniest people I no. I could go on and on with mummy pride but I won’t! Show me the crafts!!!

I met up with a friend and we spent the day going around various fabric and craft shops. We had a blast (and of course tea and cake in a cafe) and picked up all sorts. She sews and is teaching me some sewing skills so it was really fun looking at things with someone who understands that yarn must be squished and material must be felt. (I don’t think you’ve ever heard anyone say ‘oooooh’ as much as we did that day)

I picked up some ribbon I plan to male hair bows with, some pre-made little bows, elastic, toy stuffing and what they called a ‘craft bag’, a £2 bag filled with material and edging to make cushions. I’ve never used that kind of material before so it’s perfect for me to have a play with.

Here is my try at a loopy bow using a tutorial by the ribbon retreat (click here to go to their youtube). For a first try I’m happy. A bit of practise and I’ll get my loops more even. Buttons was a random one I had around.

We did something different for Fridays stream this week. Usually, I dual stream with SilentLilac (find her on twitter and twitch) and we play various games together. She does games and all sorts of creative streams like me so we decided we would crochet today. I thought we’d end up not getting much done but we got so much done and had such a laugh doing it. I started making myself an Eevee and lilac started making mew. I was surprised how much I got done in just under three hours! Looks cute so far! This pattern is from 53 stitches and can be found here.

It’s been so cold here! I nearly went out and bought a blanket but I’ve been wanting to make myself one for ages so now is a good time to start. I settled on a granny stripe blanket and used the pattern by Attic24 (click to go to the pattern) which is super easy to follow. I started with a chain of 152 and a 5mm hook. It measures about 110cm across and I cant wait to snuggle under it. I’ve got no set colour pattern, I’m just grabbing what I have in my stash!

As I said, it was my daughters birthday this week and she’s probably my biggest fan. I love making things for her because they are treasured. She loves tiny toys and having little bags to put them in so when I saw this bag pattern by I had to make it. I love the flower to close. I let her pick the colours and think it turned our really pretty. I can’t wait to make more! You can find the pattern here.

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