WIP Wednesday – 07/02/2018

WHAT A WEEK! I finally put some wheels in motion and became an affiliate on twitch!! I love the community on twitch and have so much fun so it’s great to be able to get more into it! You can come hang out with me most weekday mornings 9.30am BST over at twitch.tv/samphorea Then, because it can’t all be sunshine and roses right, we had to get the car fixed which messed up some plans to go to the craft shop but it needed doing and knowing the car is safe for my partner to drive to work is a huge thing so it’s all good. We do our main food shop in Aldi. Every few weeks they have specials like sports, baby and every now and then crafts. The yarn is nice but always sells out before I get there. NOT THIS WEEK!! I didn’t know it was even going to be there! They have large balls of yarn, packs of 4 100g balls, storage, fat quarters of materials, all sorts. They also had 200g yarn cakes of what they called rainbow yarn. I had to grab some! They had loads of different colours but I settled on ‘brown’ although I would say it’s more red than brown. I don’t have any yarn like this and can’t wait to find a project to use it on!

The light up crochet hook my partner ordered for me arrived! I love them. They are really bright (almost a little too bright) and feel real nice to work with. The hook is smooth and the a great width. I struggle with thinner handled hooks.

Been working nearly every day on my granny stripe blanket. I’m not doing a repeating pattern, it’s more like I stick my hand in the bag and if I haven’t used what I’ve pulled out for a few rows I’ll use it and so far I think it’s working up beautifully! The pattern I’m following is by Attic24 and you can find it here.

I finished the Eevee on stream (pattern by 53stitches). This was just as much fun to make as the first time and I even did it a little different by fluffing the yarn around the neck after I’d sewn everything together which I do think worked better. I have loved streaming this with SilentLilac and next dual stream we are swapping projects, so she will be making Eevee and I’ll be making Mew! I can’t wait!


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