WIP Wednesday – 14/02/2018

It’s half term here which means the kids are off school for a week. I’ve not been able to stream or craft as much but we’ve been having a really fun time!

After making an Eevee, me and SilentLilac swapped projects and she made the Eevee, I made Mew. I didn’t have the right pink so we went with blue and made the shiny Mew. It was hard to picture how I would sew all the pieces together because once I’d made for example, a leg, it didn’t look much like the imagine of the final project. I knew lilac had made it the week before so I persevered and I think it turned out really cute!

This project is also the first one using the light up crochet hooks. They are so good, I’m in love. I didn’t need to use the light but the feel of them is fab!

Saturday morning I was in bed enjoying a cup of tea when kiddo comes upstairs with a ball of yarn and a crochet hook (the correct size one too) and asked me to make her dolls some slippers. As I said in my instagram post (you can follow me here) this is one of the many things I about crafting!! If she can imagine it, we can try to create it!

I started working on a Bulbasaur! The pattern is by 53 stitches (find it here) and I plan on making all the Pokemon!!!


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