WIP Wednesday – 21/02/2018

We ended up having a brilliant half term despite the cold! I picked up some orbeez from eBay and have loved experimenting and messing around with them. I manged to get 5000 for £1.99 and they the next day!

I switched up how I celebrate subs in the stream. We have a light up cloud to write names in and a new sub book where I add people’s names and stickers! I’m on the look out for loads of cute stickers but I’ve been putting one of those I have in the front of my journal. My collection is growing!!

On stream we finished making mew and as usual we took the basic project and customised it to make it even more cute! What started with a moustache turned into a very dapper looking Mr. Mew. If you didn’t know, in a previous week lilac had made the mew and I’d made an Eevee (see it here) and we swapped patterns. She got some progress done in her eevee then just had to stop and make her mew, Mewlina, a skirt! It’s so sweet and I love the whole story that goes along with these little guys!

You can find lilac on twitter and twitch. Tune into us and #Puntimefriday on twitch every Friday starting at 9.30am BST.

I can’t wait to see lilacs finished eevee!

I saw hobbycraft posted this pattern for crochet creme egg covers. I made a chick one before from another pattern (see here) but I thought I’d give this one ago. So far I’ve made the basic cover for two green dinosaurs and two lilac bunnies. I can see myself making a lot more if these!

Making these late at night whilst watching telly and playing runescape haha!

While searching for egg cover patterns I found this super cute small crochet basket! Im going to make a few of these for kiddo’s friends and for us to use in an easter egg hunt! You can find the pattern by…… Here!

I made this little pouch in a gorgeous lavender/pale purple colour. The pattern is by……… And can be found here. It was easy to follow, worked up fast and looks so cute!


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