Review – Friskars Rotary Cutter

(Just a note, I bought these with my own money and was not asked to do this review. I just like reviewing things I buy because it might help someone when making their own purchases)

I set myself a goal this year to make a patchwork quilt. I love how they look and always wanted to make one myself. I want to learn more skills on my sewing machine and use it more so it seems like the perfect longer term project.

I’ve seen rotary cutters before but never had the chance to try one until I made some Christmas stockings with a friend. I loved using hers and after finally having a little money to treat myself to something, I figured that was the perfect treat!

After searching on Amazon I found this Friskars rotary cutter for £12.27 with amazon prime delivery (Click here to go to the one I bought. This is not an affiliate link or anything like that, it’s just in case you wanted to get the same one as me).

I have seen these in the our local Abakhan and have heard of the brand Friskars a lot. What caught my eye first was the really cute and usual design; the flowers, the pink, it looked fabulous!


It came the very next day (thanks amazon prime!) and it looks exactly like I thought it would. It’s a lovely design and I love having something a little more usual.


The blade is covered by a safety cover which fits snug around the blade. The release button/mechanism is smooth but sturdy and I like that because it means I can’t accidentally unlock the safety and I can be confident that when it’s on, it’s on! The weight of it is nice, not too heavy but you can feel the quality.


I tested it out on some fabric and some felt. It glided over it so smoothly and cut through the fabric with no struggle or pulling. It is a new blade so I’m going to keeping an eye on how long it lasts and I’ll update you on that! It would have been nice if this came with even just one replacement blade but from what I’ve seen looking around many cutters come without an extra blade and they are pretty easy to pick up. I just like free stuff!


Now, I’ve only ever used one other rotary cutter and I’m not sure what make/model/brand that one was so I don’t have anything to really compare this to. However, coming from the view of a complete novice I think this one is great! Not too big or heavy, easy to use and works just as you would expect!


Would I recommend this product? Yes!

Got a project you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments!


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