WIP Wednesday – 28/02/2018

Another busy week! (when isn’t it!)

Had some vouchers to spend so picked up a rotary cutter and some stickers. You can see my review on the rotary cutter in this post here but in summary, I love it!

I’ve been working on things for Easter (egg covers mostly) but I wanted to do something a bit bigger. We do an Easter egg hunt so I thought a basket would be a great idea. I found some super cute bunny ones on pinterest but after having a little look I winged it and came up with my own so I could make it a little bigger. I basically crocheted a flat circle then built up the sides to make the basket. Would you like a full written pattern for it? Let me know in the comments!

Been working on my granny stripe rainbow blanket. Still a long way to go but it’s nice to have something I can just pick up, do a few rows, and put back down again between amigurumi projects.

Started working on another knitted scarf. I’m making it the same as the one I made my niece for Christmas (the sparkly black one in this post), a ribbed scarf using the Easy mistake ribbed scarf by PurlSoho (click here to go to the pattern).


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