WIP Wednesday – 07/03/2018

It’s been a cold one this week. A little snow but nothing too bad thankfully. We had fun building a very, very small snowman and throwing a fee snowballs but most of the week was spent inside hibernating. It’s been so bitterly cold!

A friend picked me up some glitter glue sticks for my glue gun from the works. I’d seen some online but these ones were only £1 and I didn’t have to wait for delivery! Haven’t had chance to try them out yet but I can’t wait to.

I finally got time to try to make a ribbon bun wrap. I used ribbon a little wider than the tutorial suggested because I wasn’t sure how much it would use. I love it and I know it will look awesome with thinner ribbon and more colours. I even one of the flat-backs hearts I got last week to accent it and I think it looks super cute. Kiddo test drove it at school and other stayed in and survived! I followed this tutorial on youtube by Hair Accessorize.

Because a lot of this week was spent cosying up inside I watched a lot of TV and I like to crochet whilst I watch. Instead of working on the granny stripe blanket (which is needed in this weather!) I worked on some southern style bows using this pattern by Southern day crochet. I love how easy they work up and it was a perfect project to try out the aran yarn I picked up from Aldi.

Then during a stream we added a clip and a heart flatback to the bow and I made another, turning it into a poke-bow! I love it and it was instantly claimed by kiddo!

I then made a few more using glitter glue and even one based on Cinderella!


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