WIP Wednesday – 14/03/2018

I wrote this one ready for the 14th but I haven’t been well so only have only now been able to publish it

The flower flat-backs I ordered a while ago came! They are really cute little daisy’s. They are a little smaller than I expect but I knew the dimensions, it’s just hard for me to visualise without actually seeing them. They are going to look really cute on a variety of projects; knitted, crocheted and ribbon!

On Sunday it was mothers day in the UK. My daughter made me a lovely card and necklace at school and my step-daughter picked me some amazing craft supplies from the works! All kinds of flatbacks, sparkles, bells and more that are perfect for a variety of crafts. She even got me some boxes I can decorate and she had some fabulous ideas for what I could use them for. They are both sweethearts and made what was a difficult weekend (I’ve been quite poorly) really amazing.

I worked some more on the granny stripe blanket. I love how its working up so far and the colours make it really bright and cheerful.

Made some more southern style crochet bows. Used some of the awesome craft supplies my step-daughter got me for mothers day and made these ones look like daisy’s and flowers. I love how they turned out!

We put together my step-daughters mums mothers day gift and I remembered the mini mason jar I picked up. She told me her mums favourite colour was blue so we put two blue crochet stars in it with some sparkly bits and my step-daughter wrote a lovely note on a tag we then attached to the jar. I think it turned out really sweet!

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