WIP Wednesday – 28/01/2018

Apologise for missing last week and the week before being late. I haven’t been very well and it seems like its my gallbladder. I’m doing much better now thankfully, however last Monday my daughter woke up with chicken pox. It just all came at once haha!

I saw a post pop up on Facebook from a 5 minute craft page showing some Easter crafts including one for a pompom bunny. It looked super cute and I just had to try it (the same night haha). I couldn’t find the pompom maker sizes I wanted, I found 3 of the 4 and I wanted the one I couldn’t find of course! I then didn’t have the felt I wanted and plus I was making this at 9pm so it was pretty dark even with a lamp on. I think it turned out cute, and a little scary, and I know I can do much better next time.

I found a pattern for a bunny by hooked on patterns (click here to go to the pattern) that looked so cute! I made one in full in stream and I’m current halfway through a second. It’s bigger than I thought it would be but I love the size. My daughter claimed it and named her cotton tail cutie! Perfect for Easter!

I loved it so much I finished another one the next day and then immediately started on a third! I’m going to try to do something different with the eyes for the third one but I haven’t got that far yet.


One evening I just couldn’t do enough to keep myself entertained. I was watching a stream on twitch, playing a video game one the pc and had this overwhelming urge to finally finish the Bulbasaur (pattern by 53stitches) so that’s what I did. I even had the right felt for the little extras on his head and arms. I think he turn out super cute!


Now I just have to decide who to make next!

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