So I’ve seen a few of this month long, fun projects before, inktober in October for example. People can follow prompts and they create daily (or at least try to) and its a way for people to work in their skills, practise, develop and just have fun.

I recently saw on Instagram that people were doing ‘#mermay’ which means everyday in May you create something mermaid related. I’ve again seen a few prompts for these so you can follow those. A different prompt everyday, but I’m just going to go with my own flow and just work towards creating things inspired by mermaids. I think it’s a really fun idea and loom forward to seeing what people create! You can follow the #mermay or #mermah18 to see what everyone is up to on twitter and Instgram. Let me know in the comments if your taking part!

This is what I’ve made so far-

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