WIP Wednesday – 02/05/2018

Apologise for missing the last fews week! It’s was Easter and we had a great time doing Easter egg hunts and Easter crafts. My step-daughter then went on a trip to Disneyland and my boyfriend was off work for the week so it’s been very busy!

I did a little work on my granny stripe blanket. I love having a project I can just pick up and put down whenever and not have to think about a pattern and the stitches. I like to work on it whilst watching telly or when I’m playing a chill game.

After finishing the Bulbasaur last week I had to start making myself the whole Pokemon collection. I have made quite a few of them before but they were made for my step-daughter. I’m really enjoying working on them again and they are turning out even better because my skills have improved. After an Instagram story poll where I asked what I should start next, I started Pikachu. This time I have the right felt to even add his little red cheeks and I love being able to add all the little extra’s because it really finishes off the item. The patterns are all from the amazing 53stitches. I can really see how much I’ve improved since I made my first ever Pokemon with this pattern over a year ago!



SO cute! Even remembered to finally add the felt middle ears for Eevee!

Since I’ve become a bit obsessed with making Pokemon I found this awesome post on deviant art by Aphid777 with patterns for many different Pokemon that are a little larger than the ones I’ve made so far, they are laying down and have felted eyes. They are so cute and I’m going to have a hard time deciding which one to make first but I have to give them a try!


Image is property of Aphid777

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