WIP Wednesday – 09/05/2018

Getting back into the swing of writing since I got a pc area set up with my own desk and pc. My phone was also due for an upgrade and the one I got has way more storage so I can have all the apps I want, including WordPress.

I went yarn shopping and got some yummy yarn!

I’ve been making all kinds over the past few months. One thing I’ve made a lot of are bows. I found a new pattern by Mermaid hooked for a shell stitch bow and I fell in love with it. After a trip to the yarn shop for new yummy yarn I have been spending the evenings making loads of them. I’m out of clips for now so once they are delivered I can finish them off and get them up in my esty shop. (click here to go to the shell stitch bow pattern) I also made some more bows using new sparkly, variegated yarn. The pattern by Southern Day Crochet can be found here.

I follow the crafty concept on Instagram. Her posts are always inspiring and she makes some amazing things. I saw she had created a pattern for mini doughnuts and after making a larger one a while ago I had to give these a go. I love them! Chat on stream suggested mini beads as sprinkles and they worked perfectly. I’ve got some keyring coming for them but also after making them I thought they’d make the perfect magnets.! It worked really well and they look fab on my fridge! (click here to go to the pattern)

I needed a phone case for my phone and after making the shell stitch bows I thought it would be great as a phone cover. I’ve written up the pattern incase too so you can make one for yourself.

Seeing as I’m trying to take part in #mermay (you can read about it in the #mermay blog post) I made kiddo a little mermaid bag. I made it up as I went along and I think it turned out pretty cute. If I made it again there are a few things I’d change but kiddo loves it and that’s matters.

My kiddo loves unicorns and I’d seen a pattern for a ragdoll unicorn by spinayarncrochet in a few crafty faceboook groups I’m in. I finally decided to have a go and I think it came out so cute!!! I really enjoyed making it and it’s the first time I’ve single crocheted two pieces together and been happy with how neat it looked. (tried it to attach two cushion panels together and it didn’t go well) click here to go the pattern.

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