Shell phone case – Free Crochet Pattern

I’ve been making a lot of shell stitch hair bows and I’ve fallen in love with the colour combinations and how the stitch looks so when I needed a new phone case I had to make one using the stitch. You could easily use this pattern to make a case for a tablet or an e-reader by increasing the starting chain.


– yarn – two colours, I jused mint green and a light purple

– 4mm hook


– button

– needle to weave/sew in ends

– stitch marker if you like to use them



Sc- single crochet

Dc-double crochet

Slst – slip stitch


When doing the chain at the beginning of each round remember this chain DOES NOT count as the first stitch.

I carried the yarn throughout the pattern. You could tie off and fasten the yarn for the colour changes however you prefer but I found carrying the yard was straight forward because you switched in the same place, in the slst at the end of the round, every round.

This is what the colour change look like inside the case of you keep the yarn attached and carry it each row


1.Starting chain – With colour 1 you need to make the chain long enough to be able to fit around your phone and be a number that is a multiple of 6.

My phone worked with ch30. It fits snuggle around my phone, not too loose or tight.

2.Slst to the first chain to create a loop.

3.Sc in each St around. Change to yarn colour 2 when you slst into the first Sc.

4.ch1, Sc in the same St. *Skip 2st. 5dc in the next St. Skip 2st. Sc in the next St. * repeat. When you get to the last 5dc, Slst into the first Sc and change to colour 1.

5. Ch2, 3dc in the same stitch. *Skip 2st,sc in the next St. Skip 2st, Sc in the next St.* once you’ve done the last Sc, 2dc into the same St as the first 3dc’s. Slst into the first dc you made, changing the yarn to colour 2.

Dc two into the first stitch (the one with the first 3dc you did at the beginning of the row)

Slst into the first dc and bring through/change to colour 2

6. Repeat rows 4 and 5 until the case is long/tall enough for your phone.

When it is the required length don’t fasten off. Keep the yarn attached after the Slst and ch 13 using both of the yarns you’ve been working with. Slst into the St before the one you started the chain from. Fasten off and weave/sew in ends.

Take a length of yarn and sew along the bottom on the case, closing it. I sewed across the bottom then back again to make it extra secure.

Attach button – I put my phone in the case and used the loop and a little scrap of yarn to mark where the button should go. Then I sewed the button in place.

And there you have it! One awesome phone case! As I mentioned above, this can easily be adapted into a cover for a tablet or e-reader for example, by increasing the starting chain to fit. As long as the chain is a multiple of 6 your good to go!!

I’d love to see what you make so be sure to leave comments and tag me in photos on Instagram and twitter!

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