WIP Wednesday – 16/05/2018

(Posting this a couple of days late, apologise!) Following on from last week and the doughnut magnets, my new keyrings came. I have some without the chain but I wanted to try some with and I think they look fab! I need to invest in some pliers to make opening and closing the link ring easier but I’m so happy with them.

I wrote and released a pattern for the shell phone case (click here to go to the pattern).

I decided to finally make a cover for my daughters tablet and thought adjusting the phone case pattern would work perfect. She wanted sparkles and purple and after a dig around my yarn stash she chose yarn she liked and over a couple of days I made it for her. The pattern for the phone case is quite easy and was simple to adjust to fit the tablet.

I finally ordered more hair clips for bows. I settled on 45mm clips and so far they seen a really good size for the shell bows.

I found some stars I had made a while ago to turn into keyring buts I’d never sewn them together. I decided to turn one into a magnet to see what it would look like and I really like it!

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