My first pair of knitted socks

I have a few crafty goals for this year. I want to make a quilt, learn how to knit jumpers and cardigans, do another diamond painting and one that I’ve managed to do, learn how to make socks.

I’ve tried double pointed needles and enjoyed them however, mine are only 2.5mm and I don’t have yarn thin enough for those.

I found this awesome pattern, the wren socks by Jeni Wren. It’s knitted flat (I used circular needles but still knitted them flat) and then sewn up at the end which surprisingly you don’t feel under your feet when wearing them.

I used harmony yarn which is a polyester and cotton mix. They are so warm and comfy! My kids have already picked out yarn for there’s and my sister has asked for some too. If your looking for a simple sock pattern that’s a great introduction into sock making, that doesn’t use double pointed needles, then this is a great pattern to start with. 🧦


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