WIP Wednesday – 05/06/2019

This week has been a busy one! Kiddo has been off school, half term so a week off, and we’ve had lots of fun – not just out and about but time at home too. I found time to work on some project which has been great and she went back to school yesterday so it’s back to business as usual (although I don’t like how quite the house is now)

I finished a granny stripe blanket I’ve been working on for a long time. I wanted a project I could pick up and put down without loosing my place and that had a simple pattern so I could work on whilst watching television in an evening. This seemed like the perfect idea and I could also use yarn I already had (much to the delight of my boyfriend). I could in the future make it bigger if I wanted, I could add a border – possibilities are endless! I love it!


I finished the kawaii camper – almost! I just have to create the bunting and sew it on and then I can gift it. It’s worked up really quickly and I hope my mum will love it!



I’ve had the game Hollow Knight on my steam wish list for a while. A very lovely friend gifted it to me last week and I can’t wait to play it! So, while I wait to find time to, I found a lovely pattern for a Hollow Knight buy 1upCrochet. I am going to be re-doing what I have done so far – I want to use a 4mm hook and for that I need to buy some better white yarn so….any excuse to go yarn shopping!


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