WIP Wednesday – 18/06/2019

Another busy week here! Leaking toilets, puddling under the washing machine and lots of rain but I managed to get lots of work done.

I finished the Kawaii camper. I ended up using felt for the bunting and I think it worked out really well – and I only burnt my fingers on the glue gun once!

Stitch is almost done. Legs and tail are attached (kiddo decided she doesn’t want me to add the little toes which is fine by me because they are fiddly!) and I have started adding the felt. I don;t have the colours needed for the eyes and ears so hopefully I grab them soon and get it finished. I went ahead and glued the felt on – I really wanted to do felted eyes but I’m not sure when I will be getting a felting kit (and I’m sure I’ll be making another one!) and I think it looks great.

Browsing Pinterest can be rather dangerous – I end up with a huge list of things to make (because I don’t have enough already….) and seem to lose hours at a time! However, one morning a quick scroll brought up these awesome crochet patterns by daisyandstorm.com

They have a range of Harry Potter amigurumi’s, both knit and crochet, and other characters too. I have been looking for Harry Potter ami’s for a while but haven’t seen any I really wanted to make until I saw these. I started with McGonagall because she had a simple selection of colours (that I already had) and the overall ami didn’t seem to complicate – there wasn’t loads of extras and fiddly bits. She’s been fun to work on and I’m definitely going to be making most, if not all, of the ones available.


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