WIP Wednesday – 26/06/2019

Had a lot of fun this week working on projects.

I finished the McGonagall amigurumi (pattern by daisyandstorm.com) and I LOVE HER! I think she turned out really great and the pattern was really nice to work up. I can’t wait to start on the rest of the characters, starting with Hagrid!

During my live-streams this week I worked on a Hollow Knight amigurumi. I have recently started playing the game and have fallen in love with it! It’s fun, challenging and so beautiful. I saw this pattern by 1upcrochet and just knew I have to make him. I made the smaller of the two sizes and ended up using a 3mm hook because my white yarn was thin. I think he turned out super cute and I’m sure I’ll be making a larger one when I have some better white yarn.


As I stated above, after I finished the Hollow Knight I worked on Hagrid, I love these patterns by Daisyandstorm – they work up nicely and I love that they all are made with the same size and style so as a collection they look great together. I’m so excited to work on his beard!


I found time to work on the bias lace scarf a bit more. This pattern by undeniable glitter is a great one to work on in front of the TV and I find it easy to pick up even if I haven’t worked on it in a while. The pattern consists of two, two row repeats which give it a gorgeous texture. I’m using a rainbow yarn cake from Aldi and so far it’s super warm and squishy.


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