WIP Wednesday – 31/07/2019

Apologise for lack of posts. It’s been busy here with the end of school and start of the summer holidays! I have managed to get lots of work done though.

I finished hagrid! His hair is amazing and I love his jacket. (pattern here)

After finishing hagrid and McGonagall I moved onto the next Harry Potter character – dobbie! He turned out so cute! I love his ears and his little sock 🧦 (pattern here!)

Baow dobbie has been finished I started on the next amigurmi. Because kiddo is off school, I let her choose. She decided on snow white (click here for pattern) and I can’t wait to see her finished!

I made knitted fingerless gloves for the first time. I found this really awesome beginner pattern that knits them flat and then they are sewn up at the end and I think they turned out really cute! I already have family asking for a pair for Christmas haha


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