Knitting a hat for the first time

I've been knitting for a long time. My grandma taught me when I was about 8 and I knitted blankets for my dolls. Well, I started them but never finished them. Then I stopped for a while and picked it up again in uni, making knitted phone cases for all my friends with patterns and … Continue reading Knitting a hat for the first time


WIP Wednesday – 20/07/2018

I haven't posted for a while so got a few things to show you! I was ill for a week, then the kids were off for half term and then boyf had a week off so I've been super busy having lots of fun in the sun, the pool and the park! I FINALLY started … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – 20/07/2018


So I've seen a few of this month long, fun projects before, inktober in October for example. People can follow prompts and they create daily (or at least try to) and its a way for people to work in their skills, practise, develop and just have fun. I recently saw on Instagram that people were … Continue reading #mermay