My first pair of knitted socks

I have a few crafty goals for this year. I want to make a quilt, learn how to knit jumpers and cardigans, do another diamond painting and one that I've managed to do, learn how to make socks. I've tried double pointed needles and enjoyed them however, mine are only 2.5mm and I don't have … Continue reading My first pair of knitted socks


WIP Wednesday – 08/08/2018

So many crafts so little time is my motto at the moment. Its fabulous having a friend who loves crafting as much as I do and it's great encouraging each other to try new things but I don't have time to work on what I want to, let alone any time for the new things … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – 08/08/2018


So I've seen a few of this month long, fun projects before, inktober in October for example. People can follow prompts and they create daily (or at least try to) and its a way for people to work in their skills, practise, develop and just have fun. I recently saw on Instagram that people were … Continue reading #mermay