WIP Wednesday – 14/02/2018

It's half term here which means the kids are off school for a week. I've not been able to stream or craft as much but we've been having a really fun time! After making an Eevee, me and SilentLilac swapped projects and she made the Eevee, I made Mew. I didn't have the right pink … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – 14/02/2018


WIP Wednesday – 07/02/2018

WHAT A WEEK! I finally put some wheels in motion and became an affiliate on twitch!! I love the community on twitch and have so much fun so it's great to be able to get more into it! You can come hang out with me most weekday mornings 9.30am BST over at twitch.tv/samphorea Then, because … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – 07/02/2018