Mini Bow – Free Crochet Pattern

I love bows; big bows, little bows and all those in-between. I made this little bow and thought they were so cute I just had to share! Hope you enjoy them! I ask that you do not copy this pattern or pass it off as your own, please credit me. Feel free to use it … Continue reading Mini Bow – Free Crochet Pattern

My character/alias in crochet – Part 2

Now you know how my character/alias was created and developed (if not, check out the part 1) it's time to get to the crochet. I have made a couple of mini dolls before and a mermaid (a brilliant paid pattern by Janedollpatterns) but not many and not without a pattern. I used the skills and knowledge I … Continue reading My character/alias in crochet – Part 2

Sam’s Crafty Corner #14

What a week! What beautiful weather! Boyf picked a brilliant week to be off work! We spent lots of time out and bout, finding new places to go and see. Here are some pictures after a trip into town.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What I've been working on Hairbows The hair clips finally arrived and I'm presently … Continue reading Sam’s Crafty Corner #14