WIP Wednesday – 03/07/2019

This week I only did one creative stream. Boyf has a few days off work this week so we went out and about shopping, so I ended up doing an evening game stream instead. Between that and the amazing sunshine we've been having, its meant I haven't had time to work on many projects. I … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – 03/07/2019

WIP Wednesday – 05/06/2019

This week has been a busy one! Kiddo has been off school, half term so a week off, and we've had lots of fun - not just out and about but time at home too. I found time to work on some project which has been great and she went back to school yesterday so … Continue reading WIP Wednesday – 05/06/2019

My character/alias in crochet – Part 2

Now you know how my character/alias was created and developed (if not, check out the part 1) it's time to get to the crochet. I have made a couple of mini dolls before and a mermaid (a brilliant paid pattern by Janedollpatterns) but not many and not without a pattern. I used the skills and knowledge I … Continue reading My character/alias in crochet – Part 2