I have two youtube channels and a twitch channel!

At the moment the YouTube channels are primarily where I upload highlights, clips and full videos of the live-streams I do over on twitch. I have found myself moving away from YouTube and more to twitch in the past few months and subsequently have stopped uploading regular let’s plays on my YouTube channel. You can find my YouTube channel here or search for Samphorea.


Twitch Schedule (subject to change) twitch_logo-svg

Monday: 9.30am – 11.30am GMT

Wednesday: 9.30am – 11.30am GMT

Friday: 9.30am – 11.30am GMT


Streams in the evening are possible but not regular. The best way to know when I’m going to live is to follow me on twitch (then you will get a notification when I go live) or to follow me various social media’s!

As part of live-streaming I am a member of two stream teams!


Girl streamers is a huge group of ladies that stream on twitch. They are supportive, encouraging and there are a wide variety in the types of things people in this team stream. If you want more information click here to go to their twitter.


Knotty by Nature is the other team I’m in. This team is all about support those who are creating using fiber and the fiber arts. An amazing bunch of people who live-stream all sorts from crochet and knitting to wood burning and leather-work. If you enjoy crafts then this team is an amazing place to start finding creative streamers on twitch! Once again you can click here to go their twitter if you would like more information.

If there’s any other information you would like or you have any questions please contact me here, or contact me on twitter or facebook!