Where to start!

Hello hello hello!

Welcome to a brand new venture for me…a blog/website! I am super super excited to be starting this and can’t wait to learn more about it (and how to use it properly) so I can really get the most out of it!

I wanted to start this blog to let you all get to know me better, my life, my personality but also how i manage my YouTube channel and what I get up to! I thought it would a fun way for me to interact with you all, showing you what goes on behind the scenes of my episodes, how i come up with the idea, how they are created and give you sneak peaks at future projects!

Many parts of this blog will probably be changing in the future. For example, I only started this yesterday so many of the pictures, headers, etc. are all just placeholders until I can spend some more time making better ones.

If you want to contact me please use the links to all my social media below or use the contact me section above!

Just a short post but its a start! Hopefully these will be a regular thing! I look forward to this new adventure!

Remember: Leave a little sparkle where ever you go!


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