Knitting a hat for the first time

I’ve been knitting for a long time. My grandma taught me when I was about 8 and I knitted blankets for my dolls. Well, I started them but never finished them. Then I stopped for a while and picked it up again in uni, making knitted phone cases for all my friends with patterns and their names knitted into them. Since then I’ve again took a knitting break and focused on crochet but after making a few scarfs for my family and friends for Christmas presents I’ve been wanting to push myself and try something new.

After a trip to the local craft shop (they had a sale!) as well as yarn, material and even some sock needles (for knitting socks) I grabbed some packs of knitting patterns they had, 10 for £1!! I grabbed two packs and there are some really cool patterns in there.

One I was drawn to was the SIDAR 2446 cardigan, hat and mittens. I’ve wanted to knit a hat for so long but my research showed people using circular needles or double ended needles (like the sock needles). In this pattern the hat is called a T-bag hat and it’s knitted on normal needles, flat, and then sewn together.

I’ve done ribbing before and there’s a large section of stocking stitch but I thought it would be perfect to try them together and then maybe build some confidence to try the cardigan. I have done colour changes before (in uni adding names and patterns into the phone cases) but this time I thought I’d make the hat plain as it was my first try.

I love how it came out and so does kiddo. I’ve already started on the next one for my step daughter is a dark blue! I’m sure these will be a big hit when the weather gets colder. Next is the cardigan…. Eeek!


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