Review – Blue snowball ice microphone 

Sitting editing videos when my boyfriend said ‘oh look this microphone is on sale’. Cut ahead half an hour and I’d bought it and brought it home! I’d wanted a new microphone for a while. Mine had started to make my voice sound off and there was a loud humming background noise whenever I recorded. I’d heard a lot about blue, the snowball and the yeti, so after a little more research decided to treat myself (after surviving the summer holidays!).

Just to clarify this is not any type of ad/sponsor/etc. I bought this mic with my own money after doing my own research.

First thing is that this mic is USB. My old mic wasn’t, it plugged into the sound card.

The mic comes with its own stand! I had purchased an adjustable arm that attached to my desk for my previous mic, and a pop filter. Removing these has made my desk look so much bigger and it’s nice not having the arm and mic in the way when your trying to do other things on the PC and aren’t using it! It sits perfectly on the desk and I love how it looks. There is another type of snowball (I believe it’s just called the snowball,not the snowball ice) that has a metal stand but the ice stand is plastic and screws into the bottom of the mic. This is perfectly fine, I like how the plastic looks and it feels good quality.

The other different between the snowball and the snowball ice is that the ice is only mono-directional, the regular snowball has options to switch between mono and bi-directional. This wasn’t something I needed and therefore didn’t need to pay the extra money for the feature as the regular snowball is more expensive. I’m only going to be recording my own voice with this microphone, at least for the foreseeable future, so mono-directional is exactly what I need! It also boasts having a custom condenser capsule that offers crystal clear audio!

It comes with a little booklet that is easy to follow.

So far I am really enjoying this mic! It picks up my voice really well. I sound clear and there is very minimal background noise/interference. I record in a room that’s about 18ft by 10ft with no sound dampening or padding so there can be a slight echo but that’s not the microphones fault! It says its plug and play and it really is! I haven’t change any of its settings and its fabulous. I am finding I am know able to turn up the in game sounds because previously they would be way louder than my voice even at low levels and I love that I can know have volumes at reasonable levels and it all just works!

The only niggle I have so far is there is a red light on the microphone that is always on, even when the pc is shut down. If the wall plug to the pc is on then the light is on! I’ve gotten used to it quickly and my boyf just turns the microphone around!

For a not too expensive, mid range microphone this is one I would definitely recommend!


(If you want to hear a video using the new microphone, then THIS video is one of them!)

Leave a little sparkle where ever you go! ☆

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