Crochet the night away

I learnt how to crochet about 5 years ago. I actually learnt shortly after starting university. I wanted something to do in my room whilst watching films, etc, and I’d been knitting since I was little (My grandma had spent many many hours trying to teach me to knit!) and I had always wanted to try crochet. Crochet to me seemed to open up alot of options creatively, to me it seemed easier to make amigurumi with, hats, toys, all sorts, that i found far to hard to do when knitting.

After much trail and error I finally learnt how to crochet! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone crochet like me, my grandma thinks because i learnt how to knit first I hold the hook and crochet like you would when knitting! But it works for me and thats what matters.

I’ve made many blankets, hats and toys for friends, family, birthday gifts, new babies, all sorts! Once baby sparkles got to the toddler stage I found I had less and less tine to do crochet. I made a few pieces but soon lost motivation.


Since starting youtube its always been something I want to get back too and I finally got my cro-jo back after watching some friends stream crochet and their creations on twitch! It was amazing to see others enjoying the craft and how many people actually enjoyed watching even if its not something they had seen before or had any interest in. It created conversation, creativity and a community!

Some of my favourites to watch are Silentlilac, Amelyth and Ellebee. Lilac and Amelyth don’t just stream crochet they do a variety of crafts and games and it’s all great fun!

I’m currently working on some pieces for christmas! I’ve made various pokeballs at the request of baby sparkles, a mermaid (who still doesn’t have hair because baby sparkles kidnapped her!), a golden stitch and I’m currently working on a fairy!


I’m so glad I found this community and love how many friends crochet that I didn’t even realize!


I’m not currently streaming any crochet on my twitch channel but feel free to follow me on there to get notified when I go live with various games! (click here)

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