Sam’s Crafty Corner #11

Rain Rain Go Away!

A week of sunshine too much for the UK so roll on this week, the week of rain! To be honest it’s been quite nice and refreshing, cleared the air somewhat. However, its now mid-week and even though its raining its so hot! I don’t know why, we don’t have the heating on and I’m not cooking anything, yet I’m sat writing this with the back door open, rain wetting the kitchen floor.

I took friday off from streaming. My anxiety was at a high on wednesday so i streamed for about an hour and a half and then took friday off. I really needed it and I’m so glad I took time for myself and didn’t push myself. I had an amazing weekend with lots of time to relax and enjoy myself. We didn’t do anything in particular but it was fun all the same.

One thing we did try was slime! Baby had been asking for some for a while so we decided it could be a reward if she got enough points on her reward chart. She managed to get the points before I could find the stuff! 2 hours trailing around 5 different shops to no avail. We ended up having to get some from toys r us and it wasn’t even the slime I wanted! It was the slime you mix with water. It stated 5g of the slime powered for every litre of water. Well, it took a lot more than that and it was still watery. But whatever I thought the main thing was that the kids enjoyed it and they did. They spent hours in the yard messing with it (and soaking everything in sight with a water gun). It was easy to dispose of too so I was happy the kids were happy. Next time I’m opting for the little jelly aliens that come in their own slime, did any of you have one as a child? I remember many happy hours convinces it would have babies! I’ve many tutorials for DIY slime so i think we will have to give that ago as well (if we do I’ll be sure to document it!We did make our own playdoh and that went really well so I’m hopeful)


What I’ve been working on


Last post I showed you the star key-ring I had made after receiving the rings from Ebay. I am still as impressed with the quality as I was then and I’ve been trying out lots of different designs including trying to incorporate different crafts and skills.


My first key-ring


I had to make a YouTube sparkle key-ring and I got to practice my glue gun skills! It’s a little messy but I’m still learning!


More sparkles just waiting for floof!

Papa Smurf – Adapting the Small people pattern by Amelyth

I asked viewers in the stream to suggest things for me to make. One of my moderators, the lovely Avanessa,suggested a smurf. If you’re new to my channel then you may not understand our love of floof. As I explained in an earlier crafty corner post, you can use a dog brush to brush yarn to make it floofy! (we also call stuffing floof. So much floof) Pap Smurf would be perfect for some floof action on his beard. She put a picture in the my discord channel and I found that pattern and tried it. I am currently waiting to order some more stuffing (floof) and may end up taking apart some cushions but for now I found that that pattern was far too big for what I wanted.

I decided to take Amelyth’s Small people pattern and adapt it to look like Papa Smurf by adding a beard and a hat. So far all he needs is his hat and we had lots of fun on the live stream floofing his glorious beard that I don’t want to trim. He has affectionately been dubbed “Gandalf the blue”, “dumblesmurf” and “Smufeldor”. I love it and can’t wait to finish it! You can find Amelyth on twitch and twitter. (click to be taken to the relevant pages)


I love his floofy beard and don’t want to trim it!


Easy crochet bow pattern by Jess from Craftinessisnotoptional

One sunny afternoon baby decided that she wanted to play in the garden. To call what we have a garden is a little over exaggerating, we have a yard which at most is 2m by 2m but its our little bit of sunshine so we enjoy it. I decided I wanted to crochet whilst she played, filling various tubs, jugs and cups with water to drown the plants and her dolly with, and googled some quick and easy crochet patterns. I don’t currently have stuffing so making any 3D key-ring items was out but seeing as I am waiting on a delivery of clips I decided to make some little bows and this is the pattern I found, click here.

I made one with a chunky rainbow yarn and the rest with DK. I prefer the look of the DK, I think the bow ended up to small to really work with the chunky yarn, however that’s my error, I should have used a larger hook! I plan on making some more but for now baby is very exciting to wear them to school and I might even steal a few for myself!

(oh, also I closed the bows and the center yarn wrap using my glue gun! I love that thing!)

Baby has already requested more red ones (her favourite colour) and I’m definitely going to try again with the chunky rainbow yarn!


Mermaid By Janedollpatterns

I finally found some time over the weekend to work some more on the mermaid pattern from Janedollpatterns (find their etsy here). I love it! The pattern is beautifully written, easy to follow, and baby keeps moaning at me “Can I have it yet??”. She’s fallen in love with it! We chose colours to make it look like Ariel and it will go with the sea creatures I have crocheted her in the past! Look forward to seeing it finished!





For the next few posts I want to spotlight some of the awesome people I have been watching on twitch who are creating some beautiful items and really fun communities. One of these is ElleBee_ . She is a variety twitch streamer who streams crochet and games. She was one of the first people I saw streaming crochet and she gave me the confidence to be who I want to be, go for my goals, and not be afraid to do what I love. Her community are fun, supportive and are a great laugh. If you get chance I highly recommend checking out one of her streams over at or you can find her over on twitter


Ellebee_’s logo. All credit goes to Ellebee and the logo creator.


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