Twitch’s new Vodcast feature – Could this help me stay active on twitch in school holidays?

What a changed of weather it’s been! We went from a super sunny half term to a first day back at school that has been windy, rainy and very cold!

We has amazing half term. We enjoyed the sunshine, made tents from sheets and the dining room table and ate far too much ice-cream! Then on the last day we took a trip out to the seaside, spending the day on the beach and in the arcade. The last time we went baby sparkled has been about 1 year old and had spent the time trying to climb out of a pushchair. This time she could walk, play and enjoy everything that there was.

Over the half term, like over any school holiday, I did stream at all. I missed it, really missed it and was so glad to get back to it. I have been worrying about the up and coming 6 week summer holiday and trying to figure out something I could do. I could stream when she’s here but I really don’t feel comfortable doing that. Maybe the odd day I will but I need something else.

I had been looking at a twitch feature I had never used before, uploads, and a new feature out called Vodcast’s. Vodcast’s give casters the ability to “re-stream” previous streams and Vods, whilst having a live chat. Think YouTube with a live chat. I thought this would be great for when there is a school holiday because I can play an old stream and sit in the chat reacting to those watching the re-run live so they still get to hang out. This got me thinking about uploads. Could I squish to two together?


What if I record videos as and when (I could even build up a batch of pre-recorded videos ready) and then we could watch them together for the first time on twitch with the live chat. Like I said before, YouTube with a live chat. This would mean people could still come to my twitch channel not only for content, because they can watch the Vods whenever they like, but new content with live interaction from me in the chat.

Now, I’ve seen that this new feature does have some problems. Personally I feel I would need to sit in the chat because even with it saying Vodcast and putting NOT LIVE in the title, people will still come to the stream and think its live. Personally, I think Vodcast’s should go into a different section on twitch, just like hosts do. This could help cut down the confusion.

The feature is newly implemented so I’m sure over the next few weeks and months we will see updates and changes to how it runs but for many people, and especially me, I think this could be a very fun and exciting feature we can take advantage of!

You can find more information about this feature on the twitch blog here.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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