Sam’s Crafty Corner #2

Hello!  A little late but Merry Christmas and Happy new year! I’ve been super busy over the holiday period so haven’t been able to keep up with doing the blog along with everything else, for that I apologies. When I start something new I always tend to think big and sometimes try to fit too much into my schedule that I can’t possible do and planning on a weekly blog post was one of them! Therefore this will now be every couple of weeks, with an idea to be regular….eventually!

So, since the last post I have been very busy! Apart from managing kids, the house, youtube, twitter, etc, etc. I’ve recently started a new project that so far is proving to be extremely fun! If you follow me on any of my social medias then you may have seen me talking about live streaming over on twitch. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but we never had internet strong enough to do it. Finally, just before christmas we got an upgrade and I’m so glad we did! IT helps with everything not just streaming but my goodness is streaming fun. Primarily I have been streaming games but I have a few friends who stream crafts, crochet, sewing, jewelry making, and I thought that would be something I would really love to do, combining two things I really enjoy. When I first thought about it we didn’t have a webcam/camera that would produce good enough quality so after having a look around and saving some money we bought a Logitech C615 HD webcam. It was super easy to set up and I have an old mic stand/arm from my old mic so used that to hold the camera on.

With some encouragement from family, I did my first ever creative stream and it was so much fun! It was very relaxed and I really enjoyed showing what I was doing and people seemed to like it. I think I had an average of 8 viewers which doesn’t sound a lot but thats a lot for me! (I’ve only been streaming a few weeks) and they all took interest in what I was making, how it works, what different things I was using such as the stitch markers and the row counter were and how they worked. It was really really fun! Now I’ve caught the bug I’m planning lots more creative streams not only doing crochet but cross stitch, sewing and many other things! The possibilities are endless!

If you want to find me over on twitch and check out a livestream then just click on the picture below to be taken to my channel! Follow me to be notified of when I go live or check me out on various social media’s by searching for Samphorea! (or lciking the p



What I’ve been working on!

Hot Chocolate Amigurumi By April Moreland

During the stream I made a start on a crochet tea cup! I love tea so when I saw this pattern I just had to make it. The main pattern is for a generic cup with different steps to made add on’s to turn it into a tea cup, coffee or even a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. I love how versatile it is and you can use it to make so many different beverages. And its little eyes make it look super cute! I made the tea cup and hot chocolate already and gifted them so this tea cup will be for me, like a stream mascot!

Such a cute tea-cup! 


My step-daughter also made requests for items. I made her and baby sparkles a scarf. Baby’s is a thick, fluffy rainbow scarf made using double crochet and spaces to make it more flexible and less stiff that just a straight double crochet. I’ve planned to make myself a scarf inspired by harry potter and ravenclaw so until I get the blue yarn I need I decided to try out the double crochet pattern with purple and grey to make a really long, snuggly scarf for my step-daughter and it’s safe to say she loves it!

Rows and rows of double crochet! Can’t wait to make one for me!


I nearly stole this one too! It’s so cuddly! 


Pikachu By 53stitches

She also requested some Pokemon amigurumi! There are a thousand and one patterns for all kinds of Pokemon so while she complies a list of what and who she wants I’m starting with the basic’s, this really cute Pokemon (pattern here)! Again, a lot of these I want to make on stream but I would like to try at least one of them out off camera just in case!


Pattern spotlight

This has to go to the amazing tea cup/hot chocolate pattern I keep raving on about! I just love it! The pattern is super easy to follow with great assembly explanations. This pattern was created by April Moreland and can be found here!


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