Sam’s Crafty Corner #10

Been a little while since I’ve written anything. I took time off over Easter from pretty much everything because the kids were off school. It was nice to have a break but I missed streaming so so much and I’m super happy to be back at it!

Manged to enjoy some sunshine over the Easter holiday


After getting the glue gun I had a little play with it (and found out I can get glitter glue sticks for it, YES!) and created a little bow and some other little bits. I’m looking forward to using it more in all sorts of crafts.

After getting me the glue gun, boyf teased me with talk of the magic of hobbycraft. I’e never been and when he told me about the walls of yarn and isles upon isles of paper, felt, paint, etc. I just had to go. So that very weekend we went and it was so much fun. If I hadn’t had the kids in tow I could have spent hours upon hours in there. Somehow I managed to leave with just a few bits. Some chunky rainbow yarn (I’ve been looking for some rainbow variegated yarn for ages and I’m looking forward to trying out some chunky yarn),  three balls of women’s institute 100% yarn (two different grey’s and a purple) that was on 3 for 2, some felt sheets in various colours and some foam heart shapes. I have never used the WI yarn before but it felt super soft and I’ve heard good things about it so when I saw they had grey’s, which i desperately need, and it was on offer I just had to try some! I’ll update when I try it!


Also, in a bid to get organised (and because I loved them) I bought a couple of notebooks. Both are from B and M. The flower one was only £1! and I HAD to buy the sparkly one which was £2.49. The flower one has become my commissions book. I’m too scared to use the sparkly one in case I change my mind on what I want to use it for so for now its just looking pretty!




What I’ve been working on


I am very excited to show you this! I have been wanting to turn the amigurumi stars into key-rings for a while now and I finally took to ebay and ordered some.They were cheap and I’m very impressed with the quality! I whipped up this little guy and can;t wait to make more! thumbnail_IMG_20170505_162538


Mermaid By Janedollpatterns

I have paid for a pattern, (I find that there are so many free ones that I’m spoilt for choice as it is) but after browsing Instagram I was suggested an account that had patterns that I just couldn’t pass by. The account was Janedollpatterns and it’s filled with beautiful dolls and creations I just fell in love with! I had to make the mermaid so bought the pattern and I’m currently working on my first of many I’m sure. Baby sparkles wants me to make it based on Ariel so that is what I am doing. the pattern is beautiful and really well explained. As I go through it I will post more updates but so far I am loving it! If you want the pattern for yourself you can find this one and others on her Etsy (Click here).


Octopus By Sarah Hearn

Since making Baby sparkles a jellyfish and then currently working on an Ariel mermaid doll for her it was only a matter of time before I moved onto other sea creatures. This pattern by Sarah Hearn for a mini octopus is cute, easy to follow and quick to work up! It can be found on Ravelry or on her blog!



Finally finished the Cubone amigurumi we have been working on for some time. The pattern is easy to follow and I like the final look. It may be my sewing skills and lack of stuffing but once put together mine looks really derpy from the front but super cute from the side (so lets keep him on his side) You can find the pattern here.

All the parts are coming together


Getting ready to stream!


He’s done!


Foam heart

I bought the foam shapes because I thought they could be fun for a variety of projects. The first one was unfortunately discoloured where the packaging had been so I decided to use that one as a tester for the glue gun. This gave me an idea. Using the purple WI yarn mentioned above I blanket stitched around the heart and I am going to be adding somethings to it and some text and using it as a “welcome to the stream” type of message when new people join the stream. I think it’s pretty unique and a nice way of welcoming people!





I have to spotlight Janedollpatterns! I love the pattern, its well written, easy to follow and the end product is beautiful! Not only do they sell the patterns, you can get finished items on their Etsy too. I know I am going to be buying more patterns from them in the future. (who doesn’t want a doll with gloves and a scarf!). I’m excited to see how I can customised the base doll pattern too!

Janedollpatterns Instagram –

Janedollpatterns Esty –

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