Sam’s Crafty Corner #6

I hope you’ve all been having an amazing week and if not well-I’m sending sparkles your way!

I’ve not been able to stream this past week. Baby sparkles has been off school because it’s half term. We have been busy making pictures using the scraps of yarn I had been saving and using as extra stuffing for items. She had a brilliant time and really enjoyed all the different colours and textures of the yarn.

My boyfriend makes a variety of protein shakes because he enjoys fitness and runs at least 3 times a week. I had been meaning for ages to try make my own smoothies with baby sparkles and seeing as it was half term we thought we would try! We used frozen berries, a banana, water and some honey. It was delicious! After the picture below was taken we added more water because it was a little thick but it was trial and error and baby sparkles loved it!


We also took some time to relax and paint out nails! I then immediately was the pots which ruined them somewhat but it was fun!



What I’ve been working on

BunBun the Bunny

In the last post I explained that I had finished making the base BunBun pattern and was in the process of writing it up and making some clothes to go with it. I haven’t quite finished writing the base pattern up yet however, I have finished a pattern for some basic boots/shoes and a little scarf which I think looks adorable! BunBun has already been claimed by Baby sparkles and I have requests for all sorts of outfits! I am going to have to make a second BunBun to finish writing up the pattern but I’m glad that when it goes out it will have some clothes already to go with it!

BunBun in the scarf



Ravenclaw inspired scarf

If I was in Hogwarts I’d like to think I’d be in Ravenclaw (well, that’s what the online sorting hats tell me). After looking at the Harry Potter crochet along (see last weeks spotlight or click here) I was inspired to make something Harry Potter related! I needed a new scarf so it seemed perfect! I used dark blue and grey DK yarn, and double crocheted in rows, changing the colours to create a strip. The completed scarf is longer than I am tall (and I’m 5ft 6) and it’s so snuggly and warm! I’m in love!

Still some ends to weave in!


I just couldn’t wait to wear it!



Cupcake Pincushion by Esshaych

I have a little plastic box of pins that I used when sewing but until recently never really used in crochet. Then I saw some people streaming on the twitch and they were using pins to attach limbs to amigurumi to ensure they were in the correct place! What a great idea! Because of this I’ve been using pins more and more and thought a pincushion would be perfect! I saw an amazing little cactus one which I think I’ll be making soon but for now I fell in love with this cute cupcake pincushion. It didn’t take long to make and I used rice to fill the bottom which is something I’ve not done before but it worked really well! You can find the free pattern here!

My pins worked perfect as sprinkles!


Such a cute face!




An amazing lady who I’ve mentioned before is this weeks spotlight. Amelyth is a twitch streamer who streams games and a variety of creative skills such as crochet, painting, vectors, miniatures, all sorts! I’ve been watching her for a long time and she was one of the reasons I started streaming on twitch. Her streams are so positive and relaxing as is the community. She recently created her very own pattern, small people pattern. I’ve seen her make many incredible dolls on her stream and this is one of them that she has created and, with the help of SilentLilac, has been shared for people to make their own! It’s a well put together pattern that’s easy to follow and gives you so much room for customization!

You can find Amelyth on twitter, twitch and on her website (click on each to be taken to the pages).

Here is my interpretation of the pattern! As you can see I made it as soon as Amelyth announced it was live on her stream! I couldn’t help myself.

DSC_0146 (1).JPG



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